Laboratory and quality

since 1948

Quality, our first ingredient.

In all our recipes, past, present and future, the most important ingredient is always quality. For example, the cocoa paste comes from the best plantations in South America and Central Africa. The hazelnuts, in the Tonda Gentile IGP delle Langhe variety, come from certified producers in the area of Cortemilia, in the province of Cuneo. We are more than just a chocolate store in Turin: we are a chocolate factory.

crema alla gianduia
cioccolatini torino
gianduiotti torino
cri cri torino

Alongside the most modern technologies, Piemont Cioccolato retains the use of the ancient "bassine," a type of long and careful processing, performed almost entirely by hand, which has the merit of safeguarding the virtues of the ingredients and giving the products an intense taste and unique aroma.


Piemont Cioccolato - dal 1948
il cioccolato a Torino

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