Here are our dragées: handcrafted, Made in Italy and with a heart of a thousand flavors.

Mixed dragées

Mixed assortment of pralines consisting of roasted IGP Piedmont hazelnut, roasted almond, raisin, arabica coffee bean and candied orange covered in dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Hazelnut dragées

Roasted IGP Piedmont hazelnut covered in dark, milk or white chocolate. Unique flavor, with more persistent or delicate chocolate notes.

Almond dragées

Roasted almond covered in dark, milk or white chocolate. Strong, mild or sweet flavor.

Coffee bean dragées

Fine roasted Arabica coffee bean coated with dark or milk chocolate through a meticulous bassinatura process. Slightly crisp, with balanced and lingering fragrance

Raisins dragées

Tasty sun-dried raisins covered with dark or milk chocolate. Balanced and lingering flavor.

Candied orange dragées

Small cube of candied orange peel covered in dark chocolate. Unique and intense flavor.

Apple and cinnamon dragées

Cube of dehydrated apple dusted with cinnamon and covered with milk chocolate for a new and extraordinary flavor combination.

Chocolate orange fillet

A combination of flavors that for many is pure passion: candied orange peel fillet covered in hand-poured dark chocolate, as traditional processing dictates.

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