creams and liqueurs

Our delicious liqueurs and the original Piedmont Gianduia cream, made by combining the PGI Piedmont hazelnut with the intense flavor of cocoa.

Gianduja cream

Piedmont's original Gianduja cream with a unique, unmistakable and unforgettable taste, famous all over the world, obtained by combining the IGP Piedmont hazelnut in a minimum 50% proportion with the best cocoa.

Pistachio cream

Aromatic and delicate recipe with 50% pistachios.

Gianduja cream with liquor

Our delicious Gianduja cream infused with fine liquor. True specialty. Volume 16%. Enjoy to taste served hot as a punch or cold with ice.

Dark chocolate shot glasses with liqueur

Glasses of the finest dark chocolate, designed to accompany the tasting of liqueurs and spirits. Treat yourself to a moment of pause while savoring the union of strong and unmistakable flavors.

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