Cri Cri: a story of love and sweetness.

Praline or candy? Best of both worlds, we'll say. A roasted hazelnut core wrapped in dark chocolate, covered in turn with white momparilla (the sugar beads that crackle under your teeth!). All along, these have been the Cri Cri. A presence no longer just for Christmas, with their "candy-like" wrappers that bring cheer and create the magic of chocolate that does not melt on your fingers thanks to the sugar coating. An all-Turin delicacy that has been around for more than a century, linked to a very romantic history.

A chocolate story, a city story

We are in the early twentieth century, of course in Turin, a city of dressmakers and coeds. Our protagonist is a sweet Cristina-known as Cri. Her lover always brings her pralines covered with sugar grains-a specialty of the bakery where he met her and where everyone now knows them. When he comes in to buy them, the sales clerk looks at him and asks, “Cri?” and “Cri!” he replies.E così il pasticciere decide di chiamare le sue praline-caramelle con il nome Cri Cri, in onore dell’amore che ha visto nascere e nutrito di dolcezza.

This is the novel of the birth of the Cri Cri, but the story continues, until crossing the threshold of our millennium and bringing with it a wealth of history: the personal one, made up of alternating fortunes, that of the many people it has gladdened before us, but also that with a capital “S” of the century that has just passed. So, today, if while enjoying it Cri Cri candy we try to close our eyes, we can feel the intense and warm flavor of our culture and tradition.

We have made the Cri Cri our flagship.

Piemont Cioccolato - dal 1948
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