Piemont cioccolato

Piemont Cioccolato

Innovation in its sweetest form.

Our goal?

To win you over with ever-changing recipes: new and at the same time familiar, surprising and classic at the same time.

Because tastes change, but the goodness of our chocolate remains.

Our products

Conquer different tastes with ever-changing ideas while staying true to classic chocolate flavors.

Lab and quality

In Piemonti Cioccolato Laboratory, tradition and innovation are combined. It is here that, with respect for quality, a wide variety of delicacies capable of satisfying every palate need is born: from typical chocolates of Turin to delicacies all to be discovered.


Via Gran Paradiso, 16/23 – 10156 Torino (TO)

from Monday to Friday
8:00-12:00 / 14:30-18:00
saturday - Sunday

Piemont Cioccolato - dal 1948
il cioccolato a Torino

P.IVA 01681090013

Via Gran Paradiso, 16/23 – 10156 Torino (TO)

Tel: +39 011.273 24 41 / +39 011.273 24 29

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