Piemont Cioccolato:
dal 1948, a sweet story

Ours is a sweet story.

Sweet, but not trivial. Because to the one-tone flavor of sugar we immediately added the complexity of cocoa: its infinite variety of flavors, the wonder of its many different textures, the versatility of the thousands of possible combinations.

It is experience that guides us in the search for new specialties, often inspired by ancient recipes. These are creations designed to satisfy and arouse in you the desire to be surprised. By a taste, a scent, a texture or an original combination.

All without ever giving in to the temptation of bizarreness for its own sake, novelty “at all costs”: for us, the pleasure of classic chocolate remains central.

It is a fine thread of balance that we have woven since the mid-1970s, when Piemont Cioccolato was acquired by the Fioraso family.

The company, founded after World War II, had for some time had a dual soul, confectionery and chocolate maker together.

By the 1960s these two vocations had merged in the rediscovery of Cri-Cri, the famous praline-caramel with a heart of roasted Piedmont hazelnuts, a shell of the finest dark chocolate and an unmistakable coating of tiny sugar sprinkles. A unique example in the great tradition of Turin chocolates, made a comeback thanks precisely to Piemont Cioccolato.

We started here, and the Cri-Cri is still one of our flagship products, flanked by many other specialties, such as the pistachio gianduiotto.

At our headquarters on the border between Turin and San Mauro, a large, modern laboratory houses state-of-the-art machinery and traditional tools, such as the typical bassine for covering dragées. Then again, that’s exactly how we are: projected into the future, but careful to maintain an artisanal dimension, carefully dosing imagination and old-fashioned savoir-faire.

Come and visit us! All Piemont Cioccolato specialties are waiting for you, fresh from production, in our zero-mile store..

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A passion for quality runs in the family.

Our children have grown up and started working alongside us. Curious and enthusiastic as we have always been, as they learn the ancient art of chocolate making they bring new tools and skills to the company. The future of Piemont Cioccolato has already begun, in the name of innovation and continuity.

negozio cioccolato torino
negozio cioccolato torino

Piemont Cioccolato - dal 1948
il cioccolato a Torino

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