Piemont Cioccolato: a name and a reality that well represents the strict link between chocolate and this land, in particular with its regional capital Turin.
In fact, Turineses craftsmen have been the first chocolate confectioners in Europe, thanks to their inventiveness and initiative they discover the art of "pralineria".

The art of those pioneers of chocolate have found expert and loving hands that kept and passed it down through the decades, allowing us to be able to enjoy it. Fioraso brothers have inherited this art from those hands, they are the new generation of enthusiast craftsmen who have picked up the baton of this long tradition taking it in the new millennium.

It said that a pastry boy invented the first "pralina", he coated some almonds with dark chocolate, in order to mask a sugar imperfection, and served them like dessert. These sweets goes down in history as "praline".